eBook: Digital Case Studies

This iBook is the result of a collaboration between all nine of the University Federation College Partners and the University itself and showcases examples of how digital technologies, including mobile technologies, are currently used to support and enhance the student learning experience. These case studies will be further highlighted and exemplified at the forthcoming Flipped Learning Conference in June 2016 at the University of Hull.

The iBook has been optimised to work on an IOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone. To download the iBook to one of the devices you need to follow the instruction below:


Download from iTunes U

This  involves joining our iTunes U course which we have developed for the conference. This has the benefit of keeping you informed of developments associated with the course including new versions of the iBook which will be shared with you automatically. To download the iBook from our iTunes U platform please check first that you have the iTunes U app installed on your device. If not you can download it here:


Open the iTunes U app on your IOS device and click on the + sign in the top left hand corner. From here click on the ‘enrol in course’ button. You will be asked for an enrol code which is:


Once you are enrolled in the course click on the ‘Posts’ button at the bottom of your screen and then click on the post entitled ‘Case Studies in Digital Technologies’.  Follow the instructions to download the attachment which is the iBook.  This should now open in the iBooks app on your IOS device.


Alternatively, if you do not have access to an IOS device or you do not wish to download the iBook in its IOS format you can download a smaller PDF version. This version does not contain the same interactive elements as the IOS version (e.g. video) but you can read the entire book and it is much smaller in file size.