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Our conference programme is now available – looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday

Outline of the conference content
The Conference theme is the evaluation of teaching and learning using digital technologies and assessment of the impact on teaching and student learning, practice and retention.

The Keynote speaker:Wouter Hustinx, Head of an Expertise Centre on Educational Innovation at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Belgium).
Using the ‘Digicomp Framework’  EU project, a ‘Framework for Evaluation’ of the professional development of teachers in the use of technologies in learning and teaching: a focus on practice and what difference has it made, as well as learning gains and learner progression.
In his keynote, Wouter will present two practice-oriented cases, founded on theoretical models. The first case relates to the blended learning-policy at PXL, which incorporates rubric assessment and collegial peer reviews. The second case relates to professional development of HE-teachers in Ecuador and Cambodia via a blended learning and a design-based research approach.

In the afternoon there will be a video presentation:
‘Digital Competence for FE and HE staff and the impact digital interventions have on students’.  Vikki Liogier, Head of learning Technologies, Education & Training Foundation.
NB.  You can follow up on the presentation with discussion and group activities at your leisure from the ‘Enhance Digital Teaching Platform and the Digital Teaching Professional Framework’.

In the second part of the morning and the afternoon there will be good practice/workshop sessions delivered by colleagues from the Digital Technologies Network.