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University Scholarships to study mobile learning

The University of Hull is currently offering up to 80 PhD scholarships starting in September 2015 and two of these are in mobile learning, supervised by Dr.

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Kevin Burden from the Faculty of Education. One in particular is relevant to the work of this network since it seeks to explore how the partners (University and College) are using mobile and augmented technologies to support learning. It is anticipated that the successful candidate will research the initial formation of the network and will work with partners across the Federation to support and research aspects of mobile learning in their institutions. Further details can be found below:



'Mobile March' – coming to a college or university near you!

In March 2015 the Digital technologies and Mobile Learning network will launch its first ever ‘Mobile March’ event  bringing together mobile learning activities, demonstrations, training courses and much more in each of the partner organizations. The idea will be to provide a smorgasbord of mobile learning activities held in each of the different institutions across the month of March 2015. Watch this space for more news in the New Year

Launch of the Digital Technologies and Mobile Learning Network, October 2014


On Monday 20th October 90 participants from the University of Hull and Federation of  Partner Colleges met at the Lawns Conference Centre  for the launch of the Digital Technologies and Mobile Learning Network. The network aims to support teachers, lecturers and institutions in integrating the use of mobile technologies in teaching, learning scholarly activity and research.

During the one conference to launch the network delegates enjoyed a variety of different activities including presentations, keynotes, workshops and practical demonstrations from teachers and lecturers using mobile technologies in their own teaching.

Some comments from delegates:

Excellent opportunity to share ideas and interesting approaches to pedagogy across the institutions involved.

Some good discussions with like minded people who are willing to partner on a network on this kind.

The availability to actually meet new faces and create contacts. It is an important aspect since I am new within the area. Hopefully all the faces I have met today will be familiar soon. The most valuable topic was Padlet, really nice collaborative tool.

The time given to practice the apps/technology discussed really helps to cement the usage and confidence of using the technology.