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Coming soon: Flipped Learning Conference (June 2016)

To reserve a place at the conference e-mail Viv Parker below:

In June 2016 (15th) the Mobile and Digital Technologies network will host a national conference on the use of technology to support ‘Flipped Learning’ in the post compulsory sector.

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There has been considerable interest and use of Flipped Learning strategies across the FE and HE sectors as lecturers and teachers explore new and innovative ways to engage students in active learning strategies that move beyond traditional teaching approaches. ‘Flipped Learning’ can take many forms and shapes and it is increasingly evident that digital technologies will support and underpin such approaches in the future in ways that  are only just beginning to be understood.

This conference will provide a space and opportunity for practitioners and researchers alike to share how digital technologies are supporting different forms of Flipped Learning, featuring case studies from each of the University federation colleges, along with the University of Hull itself. Unlike traditional conferences this event will model the use of Flipped Learning and all delegates will be assigned tasks and activities to complete before they attend the physical event itself. To facilitate and support this the network has commissioned the development of an innovative eBook which delegates will have access to before the event.

The event itself will take place at the Lawns Conference Centre in Cottingham (near Hull) on 15th June from 9.30-4.00. Professor Ale Ale Armellini will introduce the event with his keynote address, setting the bigger picture and inviting delegates to experience for themselves the transformational power of Flipped Learning.

Registration for this event will open shortly and we will also open a call for workshops/presentations from practitioners and researchers who wish to show case their own examples of how technology is used to support this model of learning.

Keynote speaker: Professor Ale Armellini (Director of Institute of Learning and Teaching in HE: Northampton University)

Professor Alejandro Armellini is the Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Northampton. The mission of the Institute is to enable transformational learning experiences through inspirational teaching. Ale’s key role is to provide leadership in the area of learning and teaching across all schools and services. Three aspects of Ale’s work are (1) the development, implementation and evaluation of Northampton’s Learning and Teaching Plan, (2) the development of a robust CPD framework for academic staff, in collaboration with the Head of Academic Practice, and (3) fostering evidence-based, innovative practices in both campus-based and online learning and teaching. Ale has extensive international teaching and programme development experience across different education sectors. Over the years, he has used, researched and refined the structured CAIeRO process (elsewhere known as Carpe Diem) and other evidence-based design-for-learning interventions to promote positive change in HE provision across modes of study. Teams under his leadership have researched the application of learning technologies in diverse academic settings. His PhD tutees research specific areas in the field of educational technology, pedagogy, openness and innovation. He is active in consultancy work globally.

Twitter: @alejandroa