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The University of Hull is piloting the Classroom Interaction Tool “Mentimeter” over the 2018/19 academic year. This short video will discuss answers to 3 primary questions:

  • Why investigate Classroom Interaction Tools>?
  • What can be done with Mentimeter?
  • What is the University of Hull doing with Mentimeter?

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Hull University

The RNN Group are piloting the use of G-Suite for Education including Google Classroom this academic year for the first time.

This session will share what we have learned so far, both in terms of success and areas for development. We will feature a discussion with one of our tutors who has chosen to adopt Google rather than Moodle as the departmental VLE this year.

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RNN Group

Using the a virtual reality app and creator AVR in Science session for FE Students. In this session we look at using the apps, online lectures, quizzes and some of the pitfalls.

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Bishop Burton / Riseholme College

Our E-Journey! Utilising articulate storyline (v3) to update staff induction materials.

The Hull College Group is attempting to streamline its processes and give new starters a virtual way of induction training before they start. This short video will reveal the answers to the following:


  1. Tips and tricks when making training materials using Articulate storyline V3
  2. What impact does this have on staff development?
  3. What impact does this have on new starters?

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Hull College Group

Using Iris Connect as a supportive teaching and learning tool

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DN Colleges Group

DigiMentors: Using staff-student partnerships to evolve digital skills support at Leeds College of Music.


>A short video highlighting the staff-student ‘digimentor’ partnership.

  • What is the digimentor scheme?
  • What do digimentors do?
  • How has the scheme benefited the institution and students?

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Leeds College of Music

Using H5P to assess understanding and learning with video resources

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Wilberforce College

Using Google Sites for teaching and and learning

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Doncaster College

(DN CollegesGroup)

Comparing Google forms and Microsoft Forms when used for assessment surveys and quizzes


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East Riding College>

Pear Deck- a useful Google Slide add on for increased assessment and engagement in learning.

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Selby College


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