2017 Annual Conference: 'Preparing 21st Century Educators'

On 21 June 2017 three organisations engaged in the development, delivery and research into the use of mobile and digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment, will come together to deliver an exciting and ambitious event the ‘Preparing 21C Educators Conference’.  The event will take place from 9.00am to 4.00pm at the University of Hull

The three organisations comprise the Digital Technologies Network (University of Hull and 10 partner colleges), the MTTEP Erasmus Project and the Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education (ITTE).  These three groups have come together to share good practice in the use of technologies in teaching, teacher/lecturer training and to disseminate research which has been undertaken, including working across three sectors of education, in schools, FE colleges and Higher Education. To see the programme click here (Programme for event (provisional)

The event will commence with prestigious keynote speakers at the start of the morning and the afternoon sessions respectively:

Lord Jim Knight (TES Chief Education Advisor), who is a patron of the Association of Information Technology in Teacher Education.


Bob Harrison, Director and Founder of Support for Education, Training (SET) and consultancy needs. Currently the Chair of the Teaching Schools New Technology Advisory Board, a HE/Industry/Schools/DfE/NCTL group.

The workshop sessions available to delegates will be delivered in three 40 minute sessions during the day and will be either delivered in a 40 minute slot, or in two 20 minute slots.  The wide range of workshop sessions will enable colleagues to select a mixed, or focused set of activities including good practice and interactive sessions, or research undertaken in use of technologies across sectors.

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Click here to view workshops and presentations:

We hope you will be interested and able to join us on 21 June.  If you would like to receive further information please reply to V.L.Parker@hull.ac.uk .

Best wishes.

Viv Parker

University of Hull


Conference 2017: Kingston-upon-Hull




Venue: Allam Lecture Theatre, Derwent Building, University of Hull, HU6 7RX





9:00 – 9:30           Registration, tea and coffee in the Derwent Cafe

9:30 – 9.40          Welcome and Introduction:

Professor Kevin Burden, Faculty of Arts Culture and Education

9.40 – 10.30        Keynote speaker: Lord Jim Knight (TES Chief Education Advisor), who is a patron of the Association of Information Technology in Teacher Education.

10.30 – 10.45      Discussion on the matters raised in the presentation.

10.45 – 11:15       Tea/Coffee available in the Derwent Café and leave for Canham Turner (Staff House), Wilberforce, remain in Derwent


11.20 – 12.05      WORKING SESSION 1: a choice of one workshop from three aspects, a session could be 40mins in length or have two 20 minute sessions:

(i)   Practical – digital technologies session

(ii)  Research/Scholarly Activity

(iii) Good Practice Short presentations x 20 mins


12.05 – 1.05        Lunch and networking, Lindsey Suite, Canham Turner, (Staff House) and then leave for Allam Lecture Theatre

1.15 – 2.00          Allam Lecture theatre: PRESENTATION:  Bob Harrison, Director and Founder of Support for Education, Training (SET) and consultancy needs. Currently the Chair of the Teaching Schools New Technology Advisory Board, a HE/Industry/Schools/DfE/NCTL group

2.00 – 2.15           Discussion on the matters raised in the presentation and leave for Canham Turner (Staff House), Wilberforce, remain in Derwent

2.25 – 3.10          WORKING SESSION 2: a choice of one workshop from 3 themes, a session could be 40mins in length or have two 20 minute sessions:

(i)   Practical – digital technologies session

(ii)  Research/Scholarly Activity

(iii) Good Practice Short presentations x 20 mins

Leave for Canham Turner (Staff House), Wilberforce, Derwent

3.15 – 4.00          WORKING SESSION 3:  a choice of one workshop from 3 themes, a session could be 40mins in length or have two 20 minute sessions:

(i)   Practical – digital technologies session

(ii)  Research/Scholarly Activity

(iii) Good Practice Short presentations x 20 mins

4:00                     Conference ends.

#HullDTN will be live at BETT 2017!

We are pleased to announce that the Digital Technologies Network will be presenting at BETT 2017.  The BETT show is a huge education show sharing the best practice of technology in all disciplines of education.


We are appearing at the Learn Live FE & Skills area on Thursday 26th January at 16:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there and getting involved!

Flipped Learning: Interview with Professor Ale Armellini


Technology makes things possible in a flipped learning approach (Professor Armellini, June 2016)

In June 2016 the network held its annual conference focused on the topical theme of Flipped Learning. This was extremely well attended with over 140 delegates including many who had travelled from outside the University region itself. the keynote speaker fro the event was  Professor Ale Armellini (Director of Institute of Learning and Teaching in HE: Northampton University). 

Following the conference professor Armellini was interviewed for the network by Professor Kevin Burden. This is the full interview.

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New Academic Year, Stronger Network

New Year, Same Network? Here we are again and it's back into the new academic year for 16/17. I thought I would just take a moment to reflect on the last year and what we have to look forward to this year. 15/16 seemed to go by in a blur but was an excellent 2nd year for #HullDTN starting really with the 'Through the Periscope' online sessions. We found this quite an innovative approach and had several hundred hits throughout the sessions. It was a big change from the previous years Mobile March and felt that the online delivery was where it was at! We are looking forward to teasing it's latest incarnation 'Digital Spring' soon, watch this space!


We followed this sucess with an appearance at Jisc Digifest 16, where we recieved some excellent feedback and hopefully showed the power of multi-institute collaborative working. We had a great time sharing how far we had come in the previous year and created a Storify of our presentation. This set us up well for our June 'Flipped Learning' conference which was really well attended and a blast to be involved with. It was great to see such a wide variety of organisations, roles and approaches to a really interesting subject. We certainly hope to build on this for 2017 with our partnerhip with the Erasmus funded Mobilising & Transforming Teacher Education Pedagogies project.


So what lies ahead? Well, many of our Further Education partners will be involved in the latest round of Government Area Reviews, which will, in part, also look at each institution's use of technology. We hope that this will only strengthen our collaboration and set a precident for the rest of the sector. In addition there are new changes with the Teaching Excellence Framework for Higher Education which also highlights the use of technology and looks at Digital Literacy. Again we hope our network will be able to support these changes and identfiy our best practice to share nationally, nay Internationally!

But first we have our Digital Spring online event during w/c 20th March 2017 and our network conference during w/c 19th June 2017 to look forward to. We look forward to seeing you there! All that remains for me to say is thanks for taking the time to stop by and check us out! We hope to bring you more of the same, and better, in the coming months so please keep dropping by and find out what else we have been up to. Thanks, Ross.


Flipped Learning Conference 2016 – Booking now open!


University of Hull Federation of Colleges Digital Technologies and Mobile Learning Network

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Flipped Learning’ Conference 15 June 2016

to be held at the University of Hull, Lawns Conference Centre, Harland Way, Cottingham HU16 5 SQ

The Digital Technologies and Mobile Learning Network will be presenting a conference on ‘Flipped Learning’ on 15 June 2016 when the keynote speaker will be Professor Alejandro Armellini, University of Northampton, a noted expert on Flipped Learning.

The conference will be delivered as an interactive flipped learning experience with a range of related workshops delivered by Federation of College partners exploring, exploiting and evaluating flipped learning as a useful approach for engaged learning.  The programme for the event and reply slips to be completed are available here.

One of the key issues to be tackled by the network, is to achieve ‘step change’ in the valid pedagogical use of technologies, is that good practice occurs in pockets within departments rather than across educational organisations.   We aim to cause colleagues to re-evaluate their practice, through practically exploring the opportunities offered through the ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach to be used in the conference, requiring delegates to have read papers and ‘completed their homework’ prior to the event, so that they can see the benefits of use and the enhancement of their own knowledge and understanding on the day of the conference.

We hope that you and colleagues, whether they be digital technology novices, experienced users and support staff will find this conference to be of interest and provide interesting approaches to learning, teaching and assessment using flipped learning approaches.  Please note that it would be helpful to bring a mobile device to access the interactive opportunities provided.  We will have a limited number of devices for those colleagues who do not have their own.

Please complete the conference reply slip and the conference workshop choice reply sheets available here, and return them to V.L.Paker@hull.ac.uk  by 20 May.

Information and/or materials for specific workshops will be sent out after 20 May.   We hope you will be able to join us and look forward to hearing from you.  We would be grateful if you could please disseminate the information to other colleagues who may be interested.

Coming soon: Flipped Learning Conference (June 2016)

To reserve a place at the conference e-mail Viv Parker below:


In June 2016 (15th) the Mobile and Digital Technologies network will host a national conference on the use of technology to support ‘Flipped Learning’ in the post compulsory sector.

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There has been considerable interest and use of Flipped Learning strategies across the FE and HE sectors as lecturers and teachers explore new and innovative ways to engage students in active learning strategies that move beyond traditional teaching approaches. ‘Flipped Learning’ can take many forms and shapes and it is increasingly evident that digital technologies will support and underpin such approaches in the future in ways that  are only just beginning to be understood.

This conference will provide a space and opportunity for practitioners and researchers alike to share how digital technologies are supporting different forms of Flipped Learning, featuring case studies from each of the University federation colleges, along with the University of Hull itself. Unlike traditional conferences this event will model the use of Flipped Learning and all delegates will be assigned tasks and activities to complete before they attend the physical event itself. To facilitate and support this the network has commissioned the development of an innovative eBook which delegates will have access to before the event.

The event itself will take place at the Lawns Conference Centre in Cottingham (near Hull) on 15th June from 9.30-4.00. Professor Ale Ale Armellini will introduce the event with his keynote address, setting the bigger picture and inviting delegates to experience for themselves the transformational power of Flipped Learning.

Registration for this event will open shortly and we will also open a call for workshops/presentations from practitioners and researchers who wish to show case their own examples of how technology is used to support this model of learning.

Keynote speaker: Professor Ale Armellini (Director of Institute of Learning and Teaching in HE: Northampton University)

Professor Alejandro Armellini is the Director of the Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Northampton. The mission of the Institute is to enable transformational learning experiences through inspirational teaching. Ale’s key role is to provide leadership in the area of learning and teaching across all schools and services. Three aspects of Ale’s work are (1) the development, implementation and evaluation of Northampton’s Learning and Teaching Plan, (2) the development of a robust CPD framework for academic staff, in collaboration with the Head of Academic Practice, and (3) fostering evidence-based, innovative practices in both campus-based and online learning and teaching. Ale has extensive international teaching and programme development experience across different education sectors. Over the years, he has used, researched and refined the structured CAIeRO process (elsewhere known as Carpe Diem) and other evidence-based design-for-learning interventions to promote positive change in HE provision across modes of study. Teams under his leadership have researched the application of learning technologies in diverse academic settings. His PhD tutees research specific areas in the field of educational technology, pedagogy, openness and innovation. He is active in consultancy work globally.

Twitter: @alejandroa


We're at Jisc Digifest 2016! – Come and see us!

That’s right! Representatives from some of the partner colleges will be at Jisc Digifest in Birmingham on Thursday 3rd March.

We will be delivering a presentation on the network and the work achieved so far. Pop along to Pod 2 at 10:30am to find out more!

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Alternativley keep an eye out on #HullDtn for photos, chat and live broadcasts!


Through The Periscope

The Digital Technologies Network is proud to present 'Through the Periscope'

'Through the Periscope' is a series of online sessions sharing best practice of using Mobile and Digital Technologies for teaching, learning and assessment.

Partner colleges of the Digital Technologies Network will be delivering these online only sessions throughout January and February 2016. There is no need to sign up but just follow the programme details and join us online!

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  • The condensed programme is available by clicking HERE
  • The expanded programme is available by clicking HERE

We look forward to seeing you online soon!


FOS – CPD for HE professionals in mobile learning

There is an open online course available for all network staff in Higher Education. There are certainly opportunities here to engage with Mobile Learning as part of this course either as a contributor or as a learner.

FOS stands for Flexible, Open and Social Learning and is a CPD course for professionals who teach or support learning in higher education. FOS will be offered for the first time in July 2015 over 5 days, from the 13th to the 17th.. The course space will be available a few days before we start.

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FOS topics are

  1. Digital literacy and identity
  2. Flexible pedagogies
  3. Supporting learning
  4. Communities and collaboration
  5. Open Education

If you are interested in FOS and would like to join a community of distributed practitioners in HE to share practices, ideas and learn more about FOS and how this relates to your practice, join us here.