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Ismael Dabo

Ismael Dabo E-Learning Manager




East Riding College embraces technologies to constantly enhance learning and teaching experience. Our focus as dedicated educators is to extend our e-learning ecosystem and engage our learners with updated resources and materials. Our efforts are to continuously improve the quality of the learning environment through the implementation of optimum strategies, digital technologies and engaging activities.


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Events & Presentations:


A new build in Beverley (Flemingate campus), with additional hardware in our LRC


LRC-at-Flemingate-QA-2015A new Moodle platform

A new e-ILP system

A successful completion of the JISC project: Moodle toolkit

These changes are directly linked with our core values, which target and improve effectiveness and efficiency across the board. The college’s staff are always coached and trained to align their subject specialism knowledge with the latest e-learning techniques or web-based learning products.

East Riding College is at an exciting time with a lot of amazing novelty both physical and virtual increasing the use of mobile technologies, learners engagement and tutors’ interests.



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