Grimsby Institute of FE and HE

At the Grimsby Institute Group we are building a programme of blended and technology enabled learning around the TPACK and SAMR concept. This is embedded into the teaching and learning strategy for the whole group. The new Innovate teaching centre provides staff with a well-resourced blended teaching and learning space to use new technologies, experiment with flipped and blended pedagogies and also houses a dedicated team to oversee the VLE, E-Learning, TPACK and SAMR strategy.

The essence of innovate is that ‘we are connected’ to staff and students alike through a shared desire to create and support next gen digital skills and learning. This lies at the heart of the new iLearn, iStudy and iAchieve e-learning strategy and is embedded through the VLE, CPD and all support and guidance from the Innovate team. In combination with the Learning Centre’s and the new learner driven iSpaces, the notion of a connected, shared and supportive methodology and strategy of innovation in teaching, e-learning and assessment is a group wide notion of the new approach to the changing landscape of learning.


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